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Wife Game…

(previously posted at Delightful Oak)

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8 thoughts on “Wife Game…

    • I hang all our laundry outside on the nice huge clothesline my brother made for me and my husband installed in concrete. There’s no ordinance against clothesline a in our city neighborhood, like in some neighborhoods nearby. I love to do this because it is a very peaceful part of my home making routine. I do gratefully have a nice Maytag dryer that works perfectly, but I prefer line drying our laundry (for sev. specific reasons, but maybe it’s really just because it’s what I grew up doing & cherish the memories), even in the lighter winter weather, in my robe, a knitted hat and uggs. My daughter and I do hang our bras and panties nearer to the house with other items placed between them and the fencerow. We also try to always remember to take them down if any men (workers, or teen son’s friends) are expected.

      • Well, that description of me certainly does ‘look’ very attractive. I guess I could’ve added that today I was out there shifting the laundry on the line in my bikini 😉 while my husband was floating in the pool watching me, whistling like a construction worker and making suggestive comments and telling me to go get my booty started on making his supper after I was finished with the laundry. And I love every second of it.

  1. My wife game consists of baked goods, cups of tea and massages. But I AM marrying a man from the Midlands, so the list makes more sense in context. If I do all of this in the nude I get bonus points. :p

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