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What Attracts Women To Men?


I am quite attracted to my husband.  He has many amazing and attractive qualities, but the main things about him that made me know he was the one was his intelligence + his love and admiration of God.  Both of these together captured me hook, line and sinker…I was done for.  He also makes me laugh, he’s kind, he’s gentle, he has rough hands, he’s taller than me, he has nice hairy arms, muscles,  he’s got this aggressive streak that is so sexy, his chest feels so hard…….sigh…..

But I don’t think this is what attracts all women to men (thank goodness for me!).  I know women who are attracted to strength and gentleness, they have an incredible need for safety.  Perhaps their father divorced their mom so they are scared.  Safety is their #1 attraction factor.

I know women who are attracted to ambition and hard work in a man.  I actually avoided this type of man when I was looking for a husband, it scared me, I worried he wouldn’t be kind, he wouldn’t put people first.  But I know women who are very happy in their marriages with this kind of man.  Perhaps they grew up without money, or were always last on the list and they wanted to have freedom to do what they wanted in life.

I even know a woman who is attracted to men of mercy.  She had a rough childhood, lot of rebellion and pain.  But the man she ended up with is overflowing with mercy and love.  He is an amazing man, especially once you figure out his gifts, and I love seeing them together, they make each other very happy.

I have a friend who is attracted to her husband’s unique artistic abilities.  She grew up with a sister who was just like her and who seemed perfect.  Instead of competing with her sister, she chose a different route.  She chose an artist.  He paints, does graphic design, and they tour in a band.  Her wearing thigh high boots and playing the keyboard with pink stripes in her hair and him singing the lead with his guitar.  She loves it, loves the uniqueness of her path, loves and admires her husband.

So what about you?  What  is it about your husband that attracts you to him?   And if you’re dating, I encourage you to think about your one thing and put more focus on that.  It’s impossible to find a perfect man but it is possible to find your perfect man.

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12 thoughts on “What Attracts Women To Men?

  1. I am definitely a gentleness and strength gal at first, that is what catches my eye…but what holds me is wisdom and judgement. I have ADD and am impulsive, and someone who I can trust to make wise, God fearing, rational choices for themselves and a family would be my real winner. I do have to admit that I am physically really turned on by seeing men sweat from real work, like moving furniture, managing livestock, or building a house.

  2. What is it about Sr. A that attracts me?
    Well, Sr. A is a very hardworking, humble, goal oriented, organized and trustworthy man.
    My dear husband is the kind of guy that does what he says he is going to do, never makes up excuses and if you ask him for his opinion, you better be ready to hear the true. That’s what drives me crazy about my darling.
    I have never been into pretty boys and players. Nothing turns me off more than self absorbed, arrogant, “Don Juan” kind of man. No bad boys for me.
    When I was eleven I told my friend that my future husband would be a tall man with red hair… I am from Latin America and finding a tall red haired man is a very difficult thing, but that’s exactly what happened to me. Yes, I am the proud wife of a very handsome red haired man :-)

  3. The first things to come to mind for me are what they are now calling (around these parts at least) “Godly Masculinity”. Basically meaning he strives to be good and virtuous, but also strong, confident, and able to stand firm and have a backbone. I also am extremely attracted to a man’s choice to live chastely until he marries. That’s a big one. There’s more of course, but those are by far the biggest things for me.

  4. The first thing that made my husband stand out to me was his ambition. We were pretty young when we met and he already owned his home. He was also moving up in the company he worked for at the time. As I got to know him more I also liked his quiet strength. He never fails to make me laugh and is always there to let me know that everything will be alright.

  5. Before I met my husband, I didn’t date much and didn’t know what I was looking for to be honest. Barely knew who I was, LOL.

    When I met my husband, it was his smile first. He had a mischievous grin that was intriguing to me. As I got to know him, it was his confidence, resolve, and refusal to allow where he had been to be a determinant of where he was going.

    That, and he was a man of his word. Honor, he has it in spades. It definitely mitigates some of the hardness in is personality. He’s generous as well. Doesn’t neglect to help someone when in it’s in his power to do so.

    The best part is the gentleness that only a few privileged people get to partake in.

    Enjoyed your post, Jenny. As usual.

  6. I didn’t have a list or anything – what initially attracted me to my hubs was that he was interested in me. His confidence, his protectiveness, and his gregarious nature.

    Now I’d say – I love those things, but the height, the strong shoulders, and the take-no-prisoners approach to what needs doing are sexy as all get out!

  7. He was an extremely good looking man reading a good book, this picqued my interest.
    What binds me to him is his intelligence, his sense of humour and the immense amount of mental support he provides to me in almost every area of my life.

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