Let’s Talk Facial Moisturizer

I’m looking for a new face moisturizer and was curious to see what you liked. I’ve been using St. Ives Shea Butter and Oatmeal lotion on my face and have been pretty happy with it, but I’d like to buy one specifically designed for the face. I also read that shea butter was bad about clogging pores. I want to know what works for you and makes you happiest.

I’d also like some sort of night cream with Retin-A in it. I tried Garnier, but it was so incredibly perfume-y that my husband wouldn’t kiss me and I woke up with allergy puffy eyes from all the fragrance. I”m okay with citrus or mint scents, but like to stay away from flowery. I hated Clinique’s perfume-y moisturizer, loved Mary Kay (but it is pricey). I would like to stay within a $10-$30 price range.

I’m also leery of sunblock in face moisturizers. I can’t understand how I have to replace my child’s sunblock every hour, but the one in my face moisturizer supposedly lasts all day. I think they’re lying and there’s no point to wearing sunblock on my face if it’s only going to last the first hour of the morning.

I have never found an eye cream that doesn’t irritate my eyes. Do you know of one?

Also if you go the natural route when putting on moisturizer, I’m curious about that too. Do you put straight coconut oil on your face? Do you do the oil cleansing method?

Would love to know what your favorite facial moisturizers are and also some that you tried and hated.

Beauty Tip: use solid deodorant on your bikini line after shaving to avoid razor burn.

36 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Facial Moisturizer

  1. I hate to stir a pot without providing a link, but I remember reading somewhere recently that coconut oil should NOT be used as a facial moisturizer. I’ll see if I can find that info.

    • I haven’t found a negative yet but did find this interesting comment on WebMD:

      Reason for taking: Other
      5/13/2014 11:32:06 PM

      Reviewer: Carole, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1 to 6 months (Consumer)

      Current Rating: 5
      Ease of Use
      Current Rating: 5
      Current Rating: 5

      I had small but worrisome pre-cancer spots on sun-damaged skin on my breast bone-actinic keratosis. These raw, red spots were there for two or more years hurting when touched by clothing. Applying virgin coconut oil to the area made the spots disappear in 2-3 weeks. 8 weeks later spots still gone and skin looks much prettier than it used to. I now use virgin coconut oil every day on limbs,face, and chest. How lucky I feel to have discovered this amazing, yummy smelling, inexpensive cure. I started putting it on my face recently and it seems to give me a rosy healthy look like it is increasing circulation. Wow.

      • It seems you’re proving yourself wrong without any help from anyone else :)
        Have you ever tried coconut oil on your face?

      • I forgot. You have only seen my old gravatar of the top of my head. There isn’t much open real estate on my face. I have used it on my hands, and elbows with good results, I’m just not real consistent with it. I usually remember when I notice (read when my wife notices) my elbows look like elephant’s knees.

        As to being wrong, that’s why I offered to research it some. I didn’t want to scare people off needlessly. I am sure there will be individual preferences and result that may indicate it doesn’t work in all cases. My wife can use some Avon products, but no Mary Kay. Neutrogena will break her hands out, but not Nivea.

        In places WE use it ;). it does seem to keep the skin softer on both of us. I use it for massage too.

  2. I have very sensitive skin, especially eyes. You mentioned Mary Kay, I know it is pricey, but I’ve been using it since I was 24 and I think it’s made a difference. An esthetician I know suggested Neutrogena when I asked for a reasonably priced brand she trusted. I’ve used it on different occasions and it works pretty well.

    • Mary Kay is pretty awesome, I might just go back to it. I’ve found I can get some reasonable prices on ebay. I’ve never found anything I like as well as Mary Kay moisturizers.

      • In conjunction with Mary Kay, I’ve been using Naturopathica, organic skin care, for about 2 years. It is expensive and I didn’t mention it before (I usually stock up during the 70% off end of year sale). But, since I saw your comment about investing, I thought I’d share it. I’ve been using their carrot seed soothing facial oil at night for about 4 months. I cannot believe how wonderful it feels. I have oily skin and thought for sure it would feel slimy. It is amazing how good it feels, especially in the morning. Several people have asked what I am doing different because my skin is glowing. Also, I drink a lot of water (probably close to the 8 glasses you are supposed to get daily). I successfully overcame my diet coke addiction about 4 years ago. It’s important to nourish skin from the inside.

  3. My favorite facial moisturizer is Olay’s Original Beauty Fluid. It comes in a pastel pink bottle in a matching box and is very reasonably priced. My Mom had the prettiest, softest skin ever, and here is what she did:

    ~ wash off makeup / deep clean with a bit of Pond’s Cold Cream before going to bed. A little bit goes a long way, and using too much will make skin feel greasy afterwards. Massage it into skin and (after wiping off excess eye makeup with a damp cloth) over closed eyes (it even gets rid of waterproof mascara with ease), then wipe clean with a warm damp washcloth. Your skin will be clear and very soft, and will have a more even tone. If you used too much of it you can use some sort of gentle facial cleanser if needed.

    ~ also, don’t use hot water… use warm water instead. Hot water completely strips your skin of natural oils which keep your skin soft (think of using hot water on buttery / greasy dishes…). If you strip it all away instead of just the excess, your skin will go into overdrive and produce way too much oil, making your skin very greasy.

    That was possibly more than you wanted, but I think it’s all equally important. :-)

  4. I don’t use any facial moisturizer, then again I also don’t wear makeup. I just use a very gentle soap to clean my face every time I shower and rinse my face off with warm water after work/horseback riding/anything sweat producing.

    Normal soap used to cause me to break out, (which some research has lead me to believe was due to the animal fats used in mass produced soap) and I ended up stumbling upon goat’s milk soap thanks to a friend. The soap both cleans and lightly moisturizes the skin.

    My skin is a lot healthier for it, I rarely get any acne now and I’m not left dry and itchy in certain places like other soaps used to make me.

    • I’ve never tried goat’s milk soap. Although I’ve heard good things about using ghee as a moisturizer before. It sounds like you have beautiful skin. My mom doesn’t wear make-up and she only has to moisturize sometimes in the winter.

      • If you want to try it, one of my online friends makes it, I’ll send you her info. Good stuff. I dont’ think it’s all that moisturizing, but then my skin is a desert. I’ll just go back and swim in Cetaphil if you need me. ;)

      • I think I’m too lazy to make ghee, especially if I can find something at the store that will work well. I’m liking coconut oil right now. Haven’t even been wearing foundation, but I should give it at least a week before deciding if I really like it. I like Cetaphil face wash, but I didn’t like their moisturizer, can’t remember why.

  5. In my opinion, you either go natural or you invest in a very good skincare routine. My favorite brands are Sisley and Shiseido ( they are expensive but they work). Right now I am using Sisley youth + Sisley all day all year+ Sisley Baume efficace eye cream for the day time. As a night cream I use Shiseido future solution night cream+ serum + Sisley Baume efficace eye cream. I use Shiseido Ibuki gentel cleanser and Sisley Eau florale as a tonic. I also use origins eye make up remover because I use origins mascara.
    I also think Sensai, decleor, la prairie, MD, origins, guerlain and Estée Lauder have very good products.
    To protect your skin from the sun on a daily basis (and you should) you have to wear a facial sun block over your day cream. Something like Clinique’s city block, Shiseido SPF 40 or Sisley all day all year.You can also wear a powder foundation with SPF and re-apply during the day.

    • I tried coconut oil last night and this morning, it’s not bad. I feel a bit greasy this afternoon, but my skin seems happy and looks better than usual. I might just need to get used to it.

  6. I use coconut oil for my hair and body. But I am not sure I would use it for my face as a daily moisturizer, I find it too oily and my skin does not absorbed it easily. I use heavy make up for work ( I am beautician) and I need a moisturizer that helps my foundation stay in place. But I would definitely try it as a night treatment for some extra moisture. I have used ” rosa mosqueta” oil as a eye and lip contour moisturizer and I really liked it. It is a very light oil, perfect for the face.
    I have tried cleansing oils before and they worked fine but I don’t like the texture. I like soapy cleansers.

    • I’ve read about rosa mosqueta oil before as a great face oil to use. I believe the woman I read about just used it on her wrinkle prone areas as a preventative.

      I’ve tried the oil cleansing method too and I missed the soapy bubbles also, although I’ve been using Cetaphil lately and really like it. It doesn’t remove eye make-up though.

      • Jenny, regular old Noxema is great for removing make up; I use it every day as my facial cleanser. Massage in with a face brush to exfoliate. Does a super job.

      • My mom used to use that, I remember when I was a teenager, it was too heavy for me so I rejected it, but my skin’s changed a lot since then.

  7. I am going back eyeliner and mascara that you can rinse off with lukewarm water… Eye make up remover is the worst thing for you eyelashes and eyelids. Besides mascara and eyeliner lol
    Today I was trying to remove some stains from my desk. I tried Ajax, alcohol, antibacterial… Guess what worked? Eye make up remover for sensitive eyes lol

    • I use pure EV coconut oil for eye make-up remover, incl. waterproof mascara. I love coconut oil for ALL parts of my body, but, at 44, I’m now trying out some different anti-aging & brightening serums & moisturizing products. They’re probably more pricey than they’re worth, but I’m giving them a try, seeing if they really seem all that much better than coconut oil. People tell me often how young I look, but I really do have some troubled combo skin with larger pores than seems reasonable, most likely caused by my too high androgen levels (which only seem beneficial in me having a high sex drive & less dry skin than most women I know), but with that comes it’s own often changing challenges…I tend to get cyclical hormonal break-outs on chin (also, all this seems very affected my sugar & processed food intake-which affects my hormones). I have probably made my skin worse by using too hot water & trying too harsh cleansers & too much rough, hard scrubbing for too many years.
      Also, I’m trying the organic Neutrogena pure facial cleanser that I can find at some of our Targets, but not all. Though I really prefer ‘plain’ old Dove bar soap as a cleanser with my gentle Clarisonic Mia, followed with coconut oil & a clothesline dried wash rag (again, probably too rough, making my oil glands over-productive & irritated).

      • I’ve just recently began using coconut oil, I switched to Cerave (glycerin based) for a few days and began breaking out, so I went back to plain coconut oil. I am surprised by how it fights breakouts and makes my skin glowy. I’ve been very happy with the coconut oil switch. Let me know if you find something else you like better.

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