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Ask GBG: Need Help Entertaining

The day after tomorrow I will be entertaining my husband’s co-worker, his wife, and their new baby. This is the 1st time we’ve ever had a visit quite like this (parties and impromptu visits only from other co-workers). My husband would like our families to get to know each other and for me to get to know co-workers wife who is a new mom. I’d like to create a relaxed environment with food to match.

Thought? Suggestions? Links? Experiences?



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EDITED TO ADD: It’s going to be a rather warm day (around 100). Light meals are preferable.

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14 thoughts on “Ask GBG: Need Help Entertaining

  1. Put together some skewers (chicken/beef/shrimp) have a nice pasta salad or crudités tray; tasty dipping sauce; strawberry shortcake for dessert. Fresh lemonade.
    OK – now I want to host cookout.

  2. Crudites are a must, as is a big bowl of fruit salad – especially in that heat. Have several drink options ready to go (iced tea, lemonade, water). Again with the heat – you’re going to want something salty. Hummus (homemade!) is easy and good with the crudites. Ranch dip. Chips and salsa are cliche – but they’re cliche for a reason. Guac. You really can’t go wrong, especially for something casual, with a table full of snacky things. Then something to go with your main dish – just one or two proper sides is fine. What are you famous for? Go with foods that are winners in your recipe book, nothing majorly new that day. Your famous >>> ? Yes.

    Have a quilt and a safe/quiet place to stash the baby – at some point she’s going to need to be put down. This can be a spot on your floor near where you’ll sit to eat and chat. Just so it’s soft and safe from rampaging children and dogs. Babyproof that area if baby is of age to get ’round.

    Have some of your hobbies displayed if possible – gives you something to talk about. Let your environment be welcoming and at the same time show a few of the quirky fabulosities that make you, YOU.

  3. It went great! We decided on slow cooked pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, and an ice cream bar sort of thing (that ended up just being thrown together as is the way after a few drinks). We did set up the kiddie pool in the back so our kiddos also had fun. It was a great afternoon that bled into the evening.

    Thanks everyone!

  4. While new babies can sleep anywhere, I’d make sure there’s a quiet spot like a spare bedroom where Mom can lay the baby down to sleep in case they stay late and want to let her rest more peacefully. Enjoy the entertaining. :)

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