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Ask GBG: Coconut Oil Uses

Mrs. Drake would like to know how we put coconut oil to use.

So how about it? How do you use coconut oil in your cooking, cleaning, beauty regimen, and to stay healthy?

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8 thoughts on “Ask GBG: Coconut Oil Uses

  1. I use coconut oil in my hair, lotion, and baking mostly.

    I use the oil in place of butter often (we have dairy allergies/sensitivities in the home) which taste excellent in bake goods. Like, killer. I once used it in a box cake recipe because we were out of butter and I hate olive oil in it and it made a box cake taste phenomenal.

    It’s my favorite oil for my hair and scalp. I apply it while still wet daily.

    It’s one of the ingredients in my body butter. I posted about that here.

    It’s also what I cook our pancakes in.

    it’s great as a nail strengthener, too. Just apply it to your nails and allow it to absorb.

  2. I love coconut oil and buy it by the gallon from my co-op. I use it:

    On the dry ends of my hair
    To fry our Paleo chicken nuggets
    In making lotion bars
    As my makeup remover
    To keep my skin soft after my shower
    In place of vegetable oil when baking
    As a safe, more natural lube :)

  3. I buy it at our local warehouse store and keep a big container in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. I use it in place of lotion after I shower. It’s a wonderful facial moisturizer as well.

    It can’t be beat for baking. I haven’t tried it in a cake, but it’s killer in brownies. Also, sometime I put it in my coffee with heavy cream. It’s wonderful.

    I don’t care much for the coconut flavor with certain foods so I also keep the flavorless in the house and use it to fry steaks and make popcorn. Best. Popcorn. Ever.

  4. I use it as:
    shaving cream- keeps razors sharper longer.
    diaper rash cream- great for sensitive skin.
    ezema cream
    lotion after showering
    make up remover
    anti- fungual cream
    oi forl Baking and cooking.

  5. More like, what DON’T I use coconut oil for!

    All purpose moisturizer- hair (deep conditioner and sometimes some more on the ends before I dry it), body, nails. I also have been putting some on my eyelashes at night because I heard it helps them grow, but I’m thinking that might just be a myth :P My eye area is more moisturized and overall looks better since starting that though, so I’ll probably keep doing it anyways.

    Cooking- personally I don’t notice the oil adding a coconut flavor but it does make things taste more… complex? maybe is the right word? more flavorful and just better in general. We especially love it for popcorn.

    Coconut oil also makes a great lube if you are NOT using condoms (it will degrade the material so don’t use coconut oil if you also use condoms). I like that it is chemical free and sensitive for my lady parts. Also it tastes good and makes things extra slippery and fun for bjs

  6. I make an awesome healthy chocolate bark using coconut oil, cocoa powder, honey and crushed nuts! And I’ve never purposefully used it as moisturizer, but my hands are LOVELY and soft when I’ve been baking and the coincidence is a bit too habitual to miss. :p

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