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Spring Open Thread

Spring is fast approaching (maybe more so for some than others) which means a new season full of good eats, home decor, and family traditions.

What are some of your favorite spring time recipes?

Do you have any family traditions this season?

How do you decorate for the season?

Do you take part in spring cleaning?

What are your favorite parts of spring?

Least favorite?

Any special plans this year?

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4 thoughts on “Spring Open Thread

  1. I don’t do any official spring cleaning, but my absolute favorite part of spring is reorganizing my closet and bringing all my tank tops, short sleeves, and sundresses back to the front of the closet! Yay for feeling warm sun on my skin again!

    My least favorite part of spring is the random cold snaps. A couple years ago it snowed in March, what is up with that?!

    I really do love everything about spring though. Everything coming back to life, budding flowers, baby animals, warm breezes…. if I could spend my entire life in March-June I would be a very happy girl :)

  2. I did the pre-Passover deep cleaning one year, which I highly recommend as a spiritual exercise/practical lesson in futility. (You’re supposed to get *every scrap* of leaven out of your house). I will probably clean this year – but it’s post internship, not Spring. :)

    I will definitely be making an Easter dress this year – I have some beautiful pearl-ivory linen and the perfect (hopefully!) shirt-dress pattern. I think I will wear flowers in my hair for Easter again this year, used to be a tradition of mine and it’s one that brightens my heart.

    Spring is, hands down, my favorite part of the year. All the pretty flowers, and it’s green! Much gardening, planning, sewing… all kinds of happy busyness… to do. :)

    • Dresses, dresses, dresses!
      Hanging my pillows and blankets out to dry and soak up fresh air,
      reading in the forest instead of in the library,
      foraging for first greens for herb-soup,
      watching the dog hunt butterflies
      and starting up my garden again.

      Spring is always pregnant with a ridiculous amount of birthdays, so if you can call those traditions then: voila!

      @Hearthie, flowers in your hair, the luxury of being a woman in spring! Love it!

  3. Every year, both sides of my family come over for Easter. Deviled eggs with dry mustard (Southern staple) then piped prettily are my favorite things to make.

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