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6 Valentine’s Day Flops and Wops


1. I used to put on glitter body spray, he hated it and refused to touch me.

2. We used to try to go to a restaurant without getting a reservation, it was miserable. We’ve since giving up on going out on that night altogether.

3. He’s given me a teddy bear a few times in the past, I hate getting teddy bears.

4. Garter belts and going out in public don’t work if you buy them at Target, they keep falling off.

5. I’m pretty sure I’ve burnt supper before on Valentine’s Day

6. Eating an entire box of chocolates by myself is such a bad idea, those things are meant to be shared.


1. Celebrating the holiday a day or two later is a nice money saver.

2. It took me way too long to stop buying gifts for him and starting giving gifts to him instead (wink, wink)

3. Massage oil, wine, steak, and a rented movie are always winners in our house for V-day.

4. I’ve learned when I buy candy for the kids, if I buy an extra for him, ┬áhe’s very happy.

5. Lacy underwear is a present for him, not for you. I always thought it was for me?

6. Satin boxers feel so amazing, it’s hard to stop touching them. win-win

So what flops and wops have you experienced on Valentine’s day in the past?

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10 thoughts on “6 Valentine’s Day Flops and Wops

      • Lol, once I get married, I’m DEFINITELY signing up to a Victoria’s Secret Membership and buying lingerie/underwear for my wife every week. Hopefully she’ll like that ;) .

        I personally don’t stomp around naked. Then again, I don’t look like a model naked.

  1. LOL here the satin boxers are flops… he hates them! (*I* like them, in agreement with Sis).

    I’m looking forward to V day. DH is off so we can spend the morning together and my folks will take the kids in the evening. I don’t CARE what we do, I’m just looking forward to time alone.

    (PS I bought him some chocolate)

  2. IN CASE YOU LOOK…my “VALENTINE’S WRAP-UP” illustration is NOT a picture of Diana and I…altho’ we did spring for a place with a bathtub like that for our honeymoon…but the rest of the place was a disappointment, not lining up with their literature (or price) at all…other than the room service breakfast.

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