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The Surrendered Wife: Foster Friendships with Women

(GBG Surrendered Wife Book Club)

The Surrendered Wife: Chapter 8

For an intimate marriage, you need several friends who know you well and whom you can entrust with any secret. Without confidantes, the chances of becoming overly needy or smothering your husband are great.

Conferring with women who are dear to you will make your surrendering journey easier and keep you focused on the rewards. (pg. 120)

This chapter is super short and the title really says it all. I admit that I have a hard time with this one and though I love my online community of women I can hardly start blabbing secrets and my deepest thoughts on my blog. Your thoughts?

An important part of staying intimate with your husband is to remember who you are and what it means to be a woman. You won’t get many reminders at work, so look for them elsewhere. (pg. 124)

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One thought on “The Surrendered Wife: Foster Friendships with Women

  1. Being very introverted, fostering friendships with other women sounds exhausting. I can’t help but feel that she puts too much emphasis on this. She sounds very extroverted. I have a hard time relating to her suggestions, but maybe that is because I can’t think of anyone who would share these “surrendering” principles. I find that when getting together with other married women the conversation very quickly turns to: “I love my husband but (insert disrespectful comment).” I suppose having a matronly role model and confidant would be a blessing- but how does one go about finding one?

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