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Fit Friday #9

(For more info check out the Fit Friday intro post.)

  1. How did you get moving this week?

  2. What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?

  3. What song got you moving?

  4. What are your plans for next week?

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7 thoughts on “Fit Friday #9

  1. How did you get moving this week?
    Keeping up the good work working out in the morning. I didn’t add 5 reps this week because my poor old joints can’t take it! You should hear the creaks and pops!

    What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?
    I intermittent fasted with only heavy cream for my coffee (addicted) and bone broth for lunch. I cooked dinner all week, so no restaurant food. Yay me!

    What are your plans for next week?
    For the next few weeks I’m giving up the cream for my coffee :( I don’t know why that Christmas cookies weight is still hanging on, but it WILL go away. I didn’t even gain any weight, I just developed a little tummy. Since we are going to Mardi Gras for the MMGMUOD meetup, and I let my husband pick out my festive clothes for it (he went for high-end slutty, yikes! Luckily we found consignment stores)), I need to look awesome because there will be pictures, they will be posted, and pictures are forever. This is my motivation!

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  3. I think what I wrote is too long to fit here, lol. Here it is:
    Once again I report in for the sake of accountability on Girls Being Girl’s Fit Friday.

    How did you get moving this week?

    It was a rough moving week as it FINALLY started raining here in Oregon. I know we are all supposed to pull on our Oregon version of wellies and tromp around, but all I really wanted to do was curl up and read good books, drink tea and use the dogs as footwarmers. Living in an RV with gigantical wet, muddy dogs is sub-optimal, at best. But we did go out and go puddle jumping, played “Chuck-it” and walked. I also attempted my first, limp, shambling jog in many, many years. My 47 year old hips first said “WTH?” then rolled quickly into “NOOOOOOO”. I did jog for a matter of yards but stopped lest my boobs and butt would beat me to death or my hip joints go full revolt and simply fall out onto the wet ground. Alas. I will try again! Best to stick to jumping around like a spry goat onto small rocks or the interim, I am afraid.

    What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?
    Again, resistant starch is the thingy du jour. I believe that Richard and Tim at Free The Animal may have done something extraordinary with their resistant starch experimentation and I plan on doing a full n=1 report of my own in the future, cataloging the changes that have happened for our family since trying RS.
    I am slowly working my way off low carb and adding a small amount of carbs back into my diet, with mixed success. I test my blood glucose at intervals after eating and have discovered since ingesting resistant starch daily the food available for me to eat has grown considerably. To be sure, fluffy white french bread is still verboten. *Heavy sigh* My two month-going-on three stall has finally broke and I went down a few pounds. I know it is statistically insignificant but it is a big morale booster, which is more important to me at this moment.
    I am hoping to purchase Tiger nuts this weekend online and to try them next week. Read about them here:

    What song got you moving?
    It’s always da metal baybee. But this week it was an…odd variation.

    What are your plans for next week?
    Keep moving, and keep moving towards effortless organization of my time. And money!

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