Introducing GBG After Dark! (and a technical issue resolved for GBG)

As you probably remember not too long ago I announced that we would begin having a private sex related discussion thread here on GBG. That turned out to be a lot more complicated than we would have liked. For privacy issues we ended up having to remove the option to subscribe to post comments for all of GBG. This has wounded the community by stunting our interactions. People are posting comments but without email notification they are going unnoticed. Maeve brought this to our attention, expressing her disappointment with the new way GBG was going. We agreed that something had to be done.

The private sex thread has been removed in favor of a private sex related blog. GBG After Dark has the same rules and standards of the private thread, it just happens to be a bigger playground. The entire blog is password protected and thus not viewable by the public. Only female posters we have gotten to know and feel comfortable with are offered access and only after they request it.┬áNever you fear! We will still have sex related posts here. The point of GBG After Dark is to house more candid discussions. If you’d like to request admittance either leave a comment here or email me at

And as of right now comment notifications are back online. Happy day!

15 thoughts on “Introducing GBG After Dark! (and a technical issue resolved for GBG)

  1. I would love to get the password again!

    Thanks for putting so much work into getting the comment notifications back! I missed being able to see all of them

  2. I obviously don’t qualify for membership, but I’m wondering if you will ever use some of the information gleaned there for the edification of husbands? If all the girls just go off and have a big pity party about how they wish things were different, or a praise party in which they tell what makes things special and loving in their relationships, what good is preaching to the choir after a while. It’s nice to know in hardship you are not alone, and that there are good marriages out there. But once that’s established, how does it affect better communications between husband and wife if it is only shared one way. Beyond poor you and lucky you, what is the benefit it the other half does not “hear” the remarks? I don’t expect attributed comments or even a dialog. If a dialog was desired, that’s what you would be doing. It just seems unproductive to not do something doubly beneficial with the information. I know this is a pretty male attitude, “what are we gonna do with all this stuff” as opposed to the female attitude “I’m so glad to just share with someone who understands and listens”, but it does seem like an opportunity to enhance relationships is not being taken advantage of.

  3. I would love to be included in this, having finally worked my way through most of the past posts on this site.

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