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What would you like to see at GBG?

A topic suggestion open thread.

What would you like to see us talk about? Please be specific (“natural makeup recommendations” vs “beauty”).

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40 thoughts on “What would you like to see at GBG?

  1. I would love if there were lots of recipe posts. Preferably paleo and low cost!

    Relationship posts like “stop doing it for him” are good.

    Finally, lots of articles on the bountiful beauty and care tips for those of us with crazy curly hair. I would be happy to contribute :P

  2. I love reading housekeeping tips. Seeing how other people do things often reveals one’s own flaws and areas in need of improvement.

    I’d also love to read about how other women approach creative/artistic/crafting activities. How does one make time for them? What is the nature of the creative impulse for us?

    Men are obviously the more skilled creators of the species. Why? What are we doing when we make art, and how might it differ from what they are doing?

  3. I think there should also be a place to continually add book recommendations as we read things that are thematically appropriate and helpful.

  4. Maybe something about ways to keep your man’s interest through your actions. Not just respecting and supporting, but how to keep him wanting to pursue you (because inside we all want to be chased a little).

    • That would be and interesting topic but are you ready to listen to a male perspective without being either perturbed or feeling objectified? From my experience and personal preference (as in I do not necessarily speak for ALL men), what men want as enticing actions may be things their women find uncomfortable of even crude and too forward to engage in. I read on different blogs what some women say they do freely and enjoyably and others will comment on how they could/would never do that. Sometimes it can be as simple as touching him more and in a sensual way. I didn’t say sexy, but sensual. That is something any woman can do and relates too also. Let’s look a little deeper though.

      As a woman asking that question, you will have to be open to some risk and vulnerability in your relationship. Let us assume there is nobody in the house but you and your husband. Are you willing to: be nude (i’ll bet that word settles better than naked for women.) in the daylight A) in front of him and B) in some any other room let alone the bed room or bathroom; flash him your top or bottom (front or back); grab his junk and tell him you want it (not him, but “it”) NOW; cater to his undie preferences; wear heels in bed; buy and put on the cheerleader uniform, wink at him and lasciviously run you tongue across your painted lips; come up and kiss him while caressing his butt; surprise him by initiating even to the extent of being a kneeling distraction during the program on TV; take a shower with him in which you do all the “washing” without rushing; spend a little time on you knees for him (not just sexually, but before him as he sits watching the tube or talking with you. kneeling is suggestively submissive without being overtly so and you don’t have to do it for any long period of time.); talk “dirty” to him in whatever way he finds pleasing and you don’t feel bad about; and during sex can you tell him what you are enjoying and what he does that you like? Do you see what I mean now? For many women most of these actions sound too direct and border on crude and offensive to them. They would be uncomfortable doing them, at least initially. But this is what many men want IMHO. This stuff is not depicted in pornography for no reason. Having said that, doing any of this neither makes you a porn queen or sex object nor does it make your man regard you as a sex object. It merely caters to his very visual nature and stimulates incentive to pursue you, but better than that, it makes him desire and want you.

      I am sure there are actions that are not as sexual but are in many ways intimate and sensual that a man will find satisfying also, but sometimes subtle will not be picked up on by a man and these more direct ways are a few that are usually received without much confusion.

      Now the problem is, and may always be, women do not find these appealing, acceptable, romantic, tender, comfortable, desirable, or no-objectifying and inoffensive. They don’t want to play the game by those rules because it is not their idea of how the game should be played. Conversely, the way women want to play it is in a way that does not fit well with the male psyche. Who says God does not have a sense of humor or lacks appreciation of irony? We are each expected to and should want to meet the other’s needs and desires. But, we are not put together in such a way that it not comes to us naturally or without significant conscious effort. Sad but true. “Do what? Are you kidding? No way. If they don’t want me they way I am, they’re out of luck.” Indeed. Without a significant amount of self-will-bending, we are all out of luck. And no, I DO NOT believe it is all the fault of or up to the woman to create change. But, since you asked…

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  6. Activities to do with our daughters to help them embrace femininity. Somehow I’m lost beyond painting our nails :-/ It doesn’t help that I tend to be very analytical/intellectual and not terribly emotional by nature. My hubby is fine with that (I think he likes the lack of drama) but my daughter is a total girly-girl who likes mommy-and-me time!

    • Hm… braiding hair comes to mind, teaching them to cook, bake, sew, knit, arrange flowers and the like – is any of that useful to you?

      • is a really good resource for braiding. The videos are well lit and well shot and the audio is good to. She gives very simple instructions as she uses her daughter for a model. It can be found on youtube where you usually have a series of thumbnails to the right of the main screen previewing other styles than what you are viewing. If you have a daughter who likes having her hair done this is the place to go.

      • I learnt braiding my own hair on YouTube, so I can recommend the approach :D My mother is a wonderful woman, but she cannot do even a simple braid, so I could not learn from her; I think it would make for wonderful bonding time, however. I know I’ve often wished it had been like that when I was little :)

  7. I posted this over on RPW/reddit and got some wonderful feedback, including Tempest replying to me, “Good idea, Margery can do an “Ask GBG” post on it”!

    Here is my predicament. I have never learned to cook. I grew up preparing meals, often that derived from a box and can, then tossed some meat in there and ta~da, instant “meal”. Grandma was an excellent cook, but taught me how to bake. Mom never learned any of her skills from grandma either, or just didn’t want to. Maybe that’s where “grandma’s secret recipe” comes from! LOL

    Point being, my Captain is a wonderful cook and frankly I am intimidated to attempt making him a meal. However, he has mentioned it in the past and recently said, “You need to learn to cook”. Help!!! I can follow a recipe, but that’s from baking techniques, that is not cooking to me. Creativity and correct usage of spices, etc… Any suggestions and guidance would be soooooo appreciated of where to begin.

    PS one of the ladies said, if I can read, I can cook. She is very right! The thing is, I needed to mention that the Captain and I (especially me) are on a very strict menu. I don’t use the word diet, per say, because it’s more of an attitude we have changed around food since we began our stern fitness program two years ago. Basically if it’s not grown in the ground or on a tree, it’s not going inside me. LOL “Food is for fuel” has also changed my view.

    My middle son took some basic culinary classes at our local JC and he is an excellent prep cook. He loaned me his book and told me the same thing, read, learn and practice. Maybe it’s all confidence and there really is a little chef~ette girl residing within me. I will move forward in doing this. I hope to find some more helpful tips here and over on RPW I always find encouragement. That’s a blessing!!

    • I am sure you have Googled recipes already, but have you gone on youtube. I have watched at least 6 videos on how to prepare fettuccine Alfredo for instance. I have watched videos on how to choose and use knives, skillets, food processors, blenders, chop onions and peppers, dice , tomatoes, mangoes and apples, section oranges, make cucumber sharks, make smoothies, etc. Unlike a cooking show on the Food Channel, you can pause, back up, fast forward, replay, and save in favorites. If you have an Ipad or smart phone you can watch right in the kitchen as you prep. You may have a strong visual modality and watching could build your confidence. We can all read an follow a recipe, but when it says blend in, fold in, stir in, whip to a froth, reserve, reduce, caramelize, par boil, place in a water bath and such, what is that and what does doing it look like? Show me.I think youtube will be just the ticket for a free cooking school where you can learn at your own pace. You will be amazed at the wealth of straight up instructional tutorials for proper choice, purchase, and use of cooking utensils alone. I beat myself up on trying to dice a mango until I went there. There are some that are in native languages but don’t write them off. Sometimes just seeing what is being done is sufficient for technique.

  8. @userdand
    Exactly! I need to learn the terminology as well. I know I’ll catch on. You are so right, free classes at my fingertips. Google is my friend is what the Captain is always telling me!

    • I was thinking something like that as well, but maybe we could make it more specific. Have a fish thread, beef thread, chicken, veggies, crockpot thread, etc. What do you all think?

      • That’s it girls. Just roll right over me. :)

        Stingray: Did you hear something?
        Hearhies: No, I don’t think so.
        Stingray: Me neither. You were saying?
        Hearthie: Maybe both, a set of recipe threads…..

      • It’s Userdand! :)

        Nah! We didn’t roll over you. I have a tendency to read comments sometimes and not know how to respond because in real life I would just give a big smile. I do that to the computer screen and then forget to actually add it into the comments themselves.

      • If you and Stingray ever change your minds about that roll over, I’ll be waiting. Please wear Eau de Cologne Imperiale Extra Dry by Guerlain. I prefer the citrus base notes in that fragrance. It can be difficult to find though. So the only roll my “YUCK” comment got was a big eye roll, huh?

        That salad and dressing recipe I posted is really tasty and satisfying for a salad, but if a person is anti-sugar or low-cal, it isn’t going to be their goto.

  9. I would love to get inspiration for modest, feminine style of dress, or hair. As in lots of pictures, since I’m very visual. But every topic mentioned in the comments sounds equally interesting, so I guess I’m hoping for lots of content from any ‘field’!

  10. Would anyone be interested in doing a virtual cookie/goodie (recipe) exchange for a couple weeks before Christmas? I’m always interested in what kinds of things people make or are traditional with their families.

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