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Valentine’s Day Open Thread

Monday, I’m in love!

The Valentine’s Day open thread is here! Time to share in our…

  • traditions
  • recipes
  • decor
  • tips
  • ideas
  • plans
  • favorites
  • etc

As always, feel free to share links and images! (though warn us if they are too steamy)

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14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Open Thread

  1. Valentine’s day is all about the bedroom in our home, I’ll throw a cutesy part for the kids though. I’ll give hints for a love letter from him, but we don’t spend much on Valentine’s day.

  2. So far our Valentine’s day tradition has been picking up takeout from olive garden and a bottle of wine and eating it outside in one of the pretty gazebos by our apartment complex pool. We are so classy ;) But really, it’s nice and low key and not too expensive. I usually pick up some sort of gift for my husband. He is really into gaming and last year I got him a 3DS which he was super excited about. Not sure how I am going to top that this year!

    This will be our first married Valentine’s day, so I’m excited :) I think I might try making a cookie cake.

  3. We have a bajillion gift cards amassing so we are probably going to have a nice supper out and just exchange cards. It’s our first Valentine’s as a married couple. :)

  4. I’d say we don’t do Valentine’s day, bit I’m beginning to sense a theme on the holiday related replies. Our house is pretty short on holiday traditions.

    It’s our daughter’s baptismal day so we’ll do dessert after dinner. My parents send chocolates. Otherwise, we treat it like the feast of any other Roman martyr.

  5. Even though Valentines day is mostly for couples, I like to bake a lot on Valentines day and give it to my parents, along with writing a card for my dad.
    I also bake sweets and give chocolates to my single girlfriends! :)
    I love Valentines day and think it can be fun, even when you don’t have a significant other. :)

  6. Somehow I always end up spending Valentines on a girls get away with my best friend/ cousin. We don’t do it on purpose it just is often near a three day weekend and February is a cheep time to travel. I think things will be different this year considering we have both got guys around this year.

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